In With The Out Crowd

Peddler Records-2005

Album Info:

The Baker Brothers entered our realm a few years ago, at a time when interest in Funk music seemed to be hitting a peak. Collectors slit each other's fiscal throats for rare records, the press sniffed blood and smelled interest and there were a great many young bands cutting their own takes of a largely forgotten sound. Most of these hopefuls were no more than pub-rock versions of the Meters, and certainly too weak to lift the extinguished torch James Brown left behind. The Baker Brothers were: and are - nothing like. In fact, when I first heard their debut singles it was not immediately obvious who they could possibly be. The unfashionably jazzy, unashamedly British and oddly punkish mix of Funk was too fresh to be some rediscovered old recordings - but they seemed too charming and seasoned to be a new act. They certainly sounded too good to be so young 'and who'd have ventured that they hailed from Bournemouth? They could more easily have cut this live set during one of their countless hometown showstoppers, but to prove once again that the rural and coastal backwaters are the UK's true fertile ground, this unique trio: a Motörhead of funk, if you will: take their country wares to the dirty heart of London like hobbits to Mordor. Two brothers, one pie-eater and a whole load of something else.'